The Story of  Siam Traditions

The journey of Siam Traditions began in a small traditional village in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2013.

After visiting the royal flower gardens and Wat Doi Suthep, a famous temple on top of the tallest mountain in the region, Doi Suthep, I stopped in a local hill tribe village for a cup of coffee and a look around.

It was there, in that small village that I first met Vipada and Tong, a husband and wife team of local silver artisans specializing in  handmade silver jewelry. Greeted with a smile and a Wai (a traditional thai greeting), I was given a tour of their studio and full working collection of silver jewelry, all consisting of 92.5 – 95% pure sterling silver.

I’ve traveled all throughout the U.S. Europe, and Asia, but the pieces I bought that day were some of the most unique and beautiful I’ve ever come across in my 63 years on this earth. As it turned out back in the U.S, other people liked them too.

After 6 months of complements and inquires about ordering, I traveled back to Thailand for a short summer holiday and promised everyone to make my way back to the same mountain top shop and bring back as much as I could carry.

Vipada and Tong remembered me like it was yesterday and we exchanged greetings and good spirits. I explained to them that many people had complemented us on their silver jewelry and that I had come back with special requests.

Within a week of returning home from the trip, I’d completely sold out of everything I brought back and had a list of new orders.

That was the day Siam Traditions was born. We’ve since expanded our collection to include scarves, shawls, pearl and stone jewelry, but the hill tribe silver will always be my favorite.


In 2016, we’ve begun another journey, to help underprivileged Hill Tribe children go to college for free. We’ve partnered with Stu and The Kids, a non-profit charity in Chiang Mai, Thailand that helps orphans and underprivileged Hill Tribe children go to college for free.

Barbara Lynch